Artist: Code Talkers
Title: Nilchi EP
Label: Fade Records
By: Nick Williams | 9 March 2008
  • 1. Complete
  • 2. It’s Amazing
  • 3. Land of Thor
  • 4. So

Code Talkers "Nilchi EP"

Out Now on Fade Records

Fade Records has been a force to be reckoned with as they have been a solid part of the progressive house scene for 15 years now, coming up to a landmark 50th single release. For release 49, they have enlisted a relative unknown named Spencer from New York and Miami, under the guise of Code Talkers. While keeping to all things progressive for his first official release, Spencer incorporates elements of techno and house throughout his songs in interesting places to make an impact with a few songs on this EP. Fade brings us four of his songs, with ‘It’s Amazing’ making its way into Hernan Cattaneo’s recent Essential Mix.

The EP gets underway with ‘Complete’ and to be blunt, out of the whole package this is the most “complete” track out of the bunch. We are introduced with a rolling tribalesque groove, and that vibe continues strongly throughout the entire tune. Melodic stabs keep the groove interesting, while subtle swirls and airy drops create a great space for the track. Then… from nowhere… an electric wobbly bassline bubbles and surges in from below, totally unexpected for the listener. That bassline becomes the lead and it is quite a sound, taking up all the sonic space as you bounce to the beat and take in the bassline for all it is. The first breakdown brings a melancholic melodic line, simple yet contrasted with the evil, wobbly nature of the bassline, and creates for an interesting feeling on the dancefloor. The energy is brought up from here, yet with subtlety and is very contained. This track will go great as a warm-up for the dancefloor or something to throw in late late night to keep the vibe flowing on the dancefloor.

‘It’s Amazing’ brings a deep whipping bass groove with belled melodies from the get go while crazy delayed blips bounce and go every which way. This is definitely a higher energy track compared to the first off of the EP, reminding me of a cross of what German techno artists are doing along with the signature deep progressive nature that Fade Records have been releasing over the years. Blooming pads come breathe in and out as the pitched vocal “it’s amazing, it’s so amazing” penetrate the mix. Just as you think it will continue in a dark, trippy direction, the key changes and house-inspired chords cut into the mix, lightening the vibe and I think this would work well on the dancefloor to change the direction of your set. Although the mix is very full, with some sounds stepping on one another, the overall quality of the track is there and would be a great addition to your crate.

Industrial pads, swirling effects and belled stabs greet us in ‘Land of Thor,’ as a deep scratching lead scrapes away at the soundscape, creating a very surreal environment. Sharp blips create a small percussive melody and build in nature, as more percussion continues to increase in intensity. Very trippy and deep until the breakdown, random synthesized Casio keys come in and create a very outlandish melodic line, almost too far out there for my tastes and continues for the majority of the track. If that is your cup of tea, you will really enjoy the quirkiness of this track. To finish it all off, an arpeggiated melodic line comes in late in the track and continues to the end, yet it all reminds me of songs that have been made over and over again.

‘So’ brings a story to the picture, talking about a girl he met the other day. Pitched down and raw, the vocal takes center stage, as melancholic bells punctuate the thick beats. Electric sweeps stripe their way into the mix as subtle warm melodic pads harmonize in the background. The energy is kept mostly constant, with the sweeps building a small amount in intensity while each occurrence. Simple beat and percussive changes add some salt and pepper to this song, but for the most part, this is main room, deep progressive house music. A small breakbeat formation comes near the end to bring some vigor to the song, but by that point you would already be mixing, which could actually pose a difficulty to some DJs.

While this package is a bit rough around the edges, there are a couple tracks in this release that may float your boat especially the first track ‘Complete.’ That really brings an interesting sound to the table and capitalizes on it with excellent automation and changes to the bassline throughout the song. With Fade Records approaching their 50th release, you know that Chris Fortier and Neil Kolo are doing something right, bringing excellent progressive house to decks and speakers all over the world.

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