Artist: Coburn
Title: Give Me Love / Razorblade
Label: Frontier Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 1 February 2006
  • A: Give Me Love
  • B: Razorblade

Coburn "Give Me Love / Razorblade"

Out Now on Frontier Recordings

The Coburn outfit consists of Pete Martin (Slide) and Tim Healey (Electric Tease). With the tracks from the "How To Brainwash Your Friends EP" and of course the infamous "We Interrupt This Program", along with my personal favourite "Sugar Lips", the guys started to build up a unique sound which seemed to be almost universally loved. However, if you are expecting another "We Interrupt This Program" here on this release, then you will be in for a bit of a surprise as the two tracks here take a less upfront approach and more of a vocal house type approach.

"Give Me Love" builds with a squelchy synth bassline, and introduced an airy female vocal to build up some atmosphere. There isn't a whole lot more to the track, as it is quite simplistic in its nature. A few more synth-pads are brought in, but overall it sticks to a straight road, without much to see along the journey.

"Razorblade" is shares an uncanny resemblance to the flipside. The vocal follows in a similar vein, but is perhaps slightly better on this number. The housey bassline moves forward with a fair amount of glide, and similar texture to the flipside has been used in the higher ranges. I preferred the mood that this track built up, but overall it was nothing spectacular, and certainly not up to the standard of past Coburn releases.

Sadly Coburn seem to have taken a departure from the unique style they began to set up. The tracks here aren't particularly bad, but they just lack the edge of their past work, and are ultimately more forgettable. They certainly have their target audience in the house scene, but even then it will be interesting to see how they receive it. I just hope the guys can pick up their game for their next release!

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