Artist: Clubbervision
Title: Paz
Label: Private Reality
By: Jason Calvert | 19 July 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Madoka 'Pasion Sutil' Mix

Clubbervision "Paz"

Out Now on Private Reality

Daniel Ferreira and Jorge GarcĂ­a form the production and liveact outfit Clubbervision. Their latest track Paz has been released on the Private Reality label, and has been receiving play from DJs such as Matthew Dekay and Max Graham. Madoka provides a light uptempo version of the original, which is the better of the two mixes.

The Original Mix is underlined by a low bassline, and complimented by some deep effects. Some choral sounds are layered in over this, which sets up a promising beginning. However, a melody is then brought in with a lighter feel to the rest of the track, and this drags the track down quite heavily. It does in fact have quite a bit going for it underneath this, but the standout melody detracts from the overall feel and quality of the rest of the composition. As the melody weaves in and out of the composition, the points where it is not to be heard are very atmospheric, but as soon as the melody finds it way back again, it destroys this atmosphere.

Madoka steps up to provide his bouncy interpretation of the track, and definately improves on it in many aspects. The detracting melody of the original takes on a new form, and fits quite snugly into the composition. Madoka's own melodies are also introduced, giving the track a very light feel, whilst still retaining a definite sense of direction. A fair choice to drop earlier in the night, serving quite well as a warm up track.

Madoka's remix makes up for the slightly lacking Original, and raises the overall quality of the vinyl. Whilst not being on par with previous releases on Private Reality, there is definately a market for this style, and as mentioned earlier, it fits quite well with the current styles of Max Graham and Matthew Dekay, so any fans of these two may be interested in checking it out.

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