Artist: Clerk 33
Title: Elektrix EP
Label: Metamotional Music
By: Jason Calvert | 13 August 2005
  • 1. Elektrix
  • 2. Narkitex
  • 3. Hydraulix

Clerk 33 "Elektrix EP"

Out Now on Metamotional Music

Madoka's digital label Metamotional was kicked off with the phenomenal MTTM / Arena release, and here again Mr. Venneri steps up under his Clerk 33 guise to provide another release. Venneri's past work has seen him explore many different styles, and has been very innovative in doing so. This release explores a trancier style, and is quite refreshing in the mood it creates.

A very light bassline sets things rolling on Elektrix, and we are introduced to a trancey melody in the high ranges of the composition. As it slides between the highs and mids, effects in both ranges back up the composition, and help complete the track. Whilst there is nothing groundbreaking here, the style serves as a nice breather to those who are constantly listening to darker sounding progressive.

Getting tighter as we move into Narkitex, the trancey feel is still preserved, but this is contrasted by the percussion and a driving bassline. The melody floats around the higher sections of the mid range, and effects compliment eachother by appearing in both the high ranges and low ranges. This creates a strong atmosphere, and is sure to be received well by dancefloors across the globe.

Obviously saving the best for last, Hydraulix is by far the the standout track of the EP. The shuffling percussion sets up a sense of anticipation early on, and a dark bassline defines the direction clearly. Again the trancier melody is there, but this time it is thrown into the back seat, and this subtlety allows the grander elements of the track to be showcased in full bloom. It is not always the melody which is the key to a production, and by getting the combination right, often the smaller elements are what can make a track stand out. This combination is achieved very well in Hydraulix, and finishes off the EP on a very positive high.

A unique release from Venneri, and this adds to the diversity of his highly impressive back catalogue of productions and remixes. He is still at the top of his game, and is not at all afraid to suprise his listeners with something they may not be expecting. The trancier feel is always refreshing to hear, and combined with a generous amount of progressive influence, a tight result is achieved.

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