Artist: Christian J
Title: Off Axis Tracks Vol 1
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Simon Jones | 12 February 2003
  • A: Understand
  • B: Night Fighter

Christian J "Off Axis Tracks Vol 1"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

If you were to hear the name 'producer Chris Allen' you most likely woudn't bat an eyelid. If you heard he co-produced Sonique's platinum selling album and built and designed the studio complex for label Serious Records you might think hmm. However, if you have been to Fabric in the past few months to a Y4K night, then the name Christian J might mean something to you. For this is his alias, under which he has signed to Distinctive for an album deal, with his unique mish mash of sounds, drawing influences from hip hop and breaks and everything inbetween, the first results of which are present in this EP, 'Off Axis Trax Volume One'.

If there is one thing you need to understand about 'Understand', the first track on the EP, it's that it isn't designed for you to stand and stare into space to. You would find yourself getting stamped on quite frankly because from the moment this mother starts going you're locked in for over five minutes of edge of your seat, rollercoaster mayhem. The percussion/kick drum combo starts off subtly but wastes no time in dropping into a twisted heads down rolling groove, which entices you into it's grip more and more. Smooth atmospherics layer the space underneath the electro riff that smashes it's way through the heart of the track as the haunting synths that erupt enhance the feeling of a runaway train coming straight at you with the carnage of the outro leaving the dancefloor in a scene of mass devastation. Not a track for mummies boys.

As the twinkly percussive chords of 'Night Fighter' wash through the speakers you may be forgiven that you are being given respite, but you are shit out of luck as this track is equally as fierce and foreboding as 'Understand'. A dark and eerie beat pulsates within the centre of the the powerful f*cked up beats that rain down upon the bassline building to a spacial void from which a twisted head banging beat arrangement emerges, battering your sense into the far corners of Fabric or any other club you are in at the time.

The 4000AD story continues.. expect to hear these at any Y4K event near you and in the boxes of all breakbeat conisseurs worldwide. No doubt we can expect new material from Hybrid to form part of this new direction that Distinctive have moved in. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months.

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