Artist: Chris Sterio
Title: Orion
Label: Source Of Gravity Records
By: Chloe Harris | 13 September 2003
  • A1: Original Furnace Mix
  • A2: Lynx Downtempo Dub
  • B1: Katakana Replicant Mix

Chris Sterio "Orion"

Out Now on Source Of Gravity Records

Chris Sterio is quite a busy man these days. He’s been focused in the studio making tunes, djing all over the place, and heading his labels Source Of Gravity and Gravitation. This next single, ‘Orion’ has everything all wrapped up into one package; an eerie original, a downtempo version, and a nice tribal house gem.

The ‘Original Furnace’ mix comes in with a heavy kick, delayed thunderous sounds, and claps. A tone works its way on top of the whole track. It’s eerie and trippy, and carries into a short break. Tribal drums start in creating lots of movement and rhythm. Dropping off again into a weird distorted sound of a nursery rhyme and a deep omniscient voice. The bassline starts growling underneath and going back into the beats. A very dark sound rushes in, and takes the tune away.

Lynx provides a ‘Downtempo Dub’ mix, which is very easy on the ears. Drums ease their way in. Asian sounding hand drums fill up the ambience, as a nice tone makes its way in. There is a light arpeggiator filling in areas, and sounding lovely. The base bubbles underneath and takes us to a break where the nursery rhyme comes in. Lynx’s remix is a lovely mixture of sweet sounds, and mellow electronics.

Katakana’s ‘Replicant Mix’ heads for a nice tribal house feel. Drums start us off again and take us into the housey bassline. The thunderous sound has a airy effect on it, which moves slighting throughout the whole song. Heading into a break the voice is used and very apparent, while the nursery sounds are very hidden. Moving into the drums again, some other sounds creep in, and move through the song. This is a very nice remix by Katakana.

Source Of Gravity has been steadily becoming one of the leaders of new music, and this single proves that theory once again. Chris Sterio’s ‘Orion’ is already gaining support from the leaders in dance music, and tons of different radio shows, so be sure this will please many more.

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