Artist: Chris Salt
Title: Future House
Label: Kickin Records
By: Jason Calvert | 24 August 2005
  1. Chris Salt - Future Aesthetics
  2. Duskie J - Depressed Feelings
  3. Somnus Corp - Sistema De Fe (Original Mix)
  4. Shmuel Flash - For A Long Time (Fretwell Mix)
  5. Marscruiser & Josephs - Dave Is A Robot
  6. Moda - Enchanted Breaks
  7. De'Lacy - Hideaway (Rhythm Code & Chris Lake Mix)
  8. CCCP - I Want Your Body (Art G & Justin Xara Whispering Mix)
  9. Blake Potter - Timelocked (Original Mix)
  10. Firefly - Supernatural (Rhythm Code Vocal Mix)
  11. Slacker - Goddam Voodoo Noize
  12. Stefan Anion - Strangers
  13. Vector 13 - God Has Lost Its Soul (Chris Salt 'Faith Restoration' Mix)
  14. Shiloh - I Really Want U (Blake Potter Main Mix)
  15. Chris Salt - Digital Aesthetics (Club Mix)

Chris Salt "Future House"Chris Salt "Future House"

Out Now on Kickin Records

Compilations are one of those things that can be really hard to do properly. There is quite an art to creating the perfect compilation. It is much more than your average DJ set, and due to the large amount of compilation CDs released, the artist must be able to craft something sharp enough to cut through the average ones and rise to the top. And I must say, Chris Salt comes pretty damn close to that with his amazing Future House compilation.

Mr. Salt should need little introduction, as his tracks have been hammered by many DJs across the globe, myself included. Just last year we were treated to his Fear 3 compilation, and it was here where his skills as a DJ proved to be right on par with his excellent production skills. Tweaking tracks to fit the mix where needed, and providing blissful introductions with his trademark sounds were just some of the things which made the CD stand out so well. Opening with his melodic Future Aesthetics, right from the word go we know we are up for something special.

Warming us up with an exclusive Duskie J track, the pace does not rush us anywhere, but lets us slowly drift into the mood. Constructing the mix this way enables the listener to appreciate the moments when the mix really explodes, and interest levels are kept high. Things really start to heat up when Fretwell's mix of Shmuel Flash is dropped, and with elements of it reworked by Salt to enable a perfect mix, we can tell he is truly dedicated to what he does.

Another exclusive is provided, coming from Marscruiser & Josephs, and this takes us in a different direction to the previous tracks, which ensures that the direction never becomes predictable. These exclusive tracks also work well, in that not many people want to buy a compilation full of easily accessible tracks which are played in almost every DJ set you hear. We are then buttered up with the beautiful Enchanted Breaks by Moda, which builds up a laid back and refreshing atmosphere, preparing us for what is to come...

The CD then explodes with Rhythm Code & Chris Lake's insanely huge remix of the classic Hideaway. A track which just makes you want to jump out of your seat and move, no matter what environment you hear it in. A true highlight of the compilation. We then take a darker turn, sliding into a smooth breaks number from Blake Potter, and then twisting things up yet again with Slacker's electro monster Goddam Voodoo Noize.

As we keep moving, the beautifully uplifting Strangers by Stefan Anion starts to mellow us out, leading to the final breakdown provided by Chris Salt himself. This ends the compilation on a very positive note, with the haunting melodies of the track imprinted in our heads for long after the CD has finished. Technically, Salt's mixing is excellent, ensuring there are no harsh transitions, and beats never get mixed up.

A CD that truly stands out amongst a sea of average compilations surfacing lately, and hopefully this can set the path as to what more DJs should be doing with their CDs. Catering for a large array of moods, whether you feel like some uplifting stuff, a dark throbbing house number, or even some electro madness, you will find what you want here. Chris Salt just seems unstoppable lately, and this is a true indication that he is going to go very far within the industry. Make sure you've always got at least one eye on his releases.

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