Artist: Chris Salt
Title: Endgame
Label: Silver Planet Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 14 October 2008
  • 1. Tyrrell Mix
  • 2. Original Mix

Chris Salt "Endgame"Chris Salt "Endgame"

Out Now on Silver Planet Recordings

Mr Salt is back and ready for action! For those who are unfamiliar, Chris Salt burst onto the scene virtually unheard of yet made his mark instantly with some excellent tracks over the years such as Dub Sonar, Undertow and Atmospheric Graffiti. He also worked on some fantastic remixes, a personal favourite being his epic take on Flash Brothers' "Ways". We've had a bit of a hiatus from his releases while he devoted time to his upcoming album "No Surrender", so here at Progressive Sounds we couldn't wait to sink our teeth into the first single "Endgame". It does not disappoint.

Wasting no time, the captivating melody on "Endgame" is let loose right from the beginning. The percussion comes on quite strong as the elements are skillfully layered upon each other. Multiple melodies complement each other and whilst none are overpowering when isolated, when combined the result is truly powerful. As the breakdown hits, a piano melody is let loose which will send shivers down your spine. If it doesn't, best check your pulse! This is easily one of Salt's most powerful and intelligent efforts to date.

The super talented Tyrrell is brought in for remix duties. "Endgame" is taken for a real ride here. It has been twisted out and turned into a banging cut suitable for any self respecting dance floor. It's quite a difficult feat to turn a melodic progressive number into an up-tempo number but Tyrrell pulls it off with ease. He adds in a lot of his own elements but the important parts of Salt's original are retained. As one would expect, the track builds itself up to a euphoric breakdown featuring the aforementioned piano melody. A fantastic way to round off the release.

Silver Planet have a true winner here and both Salt and Tyrrell should be highly pleased with their work. "Endgame" takes Salt's production qualities to a whole new level and he has certainly set the bar with this one. It seems his small break from the scene did him a world of good and after hearing this release, one can't help but drool until we are graced with the album. Do yourself a favour and pick this release up as soon as you can. You won't regret it!

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