Artist: Chris Micali & Mark Martini
Title: Boundless
Label: Dubcoast Records
By: Colin C. | 10 December 2005
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. MV Mix

Chris Micali & Mark Martini "Boundless"

Out Now on Dubcoast Records

Up next on Mark Martini's own Dubcoast Records is his latest collaboration with one of the producers of the moment, Chris Micali. Chris is an excellent choice to team with Martini, his work lately has been receiving plenty of attention with new productions on Influx and a forthcoming remix of Taylor and Meehan's 'Humbled'.

On 'Boundless' the duo manage to meld together quite nicely and present a smart, driving prog cut that builds into a quick breakdown complete with a slightly eerie hook. Without that hook, the track would border too closely to the easily forgettable amount of prog that gets released.

On remix duties is Martin Villeneuve's 'MV Mix' that incorporates a more break beat style, bringing the track into a smaller, relaxing orbit. Martin goes straight for the hook of the original and builds a series of excellent supporting elements to help carry his lush soundscape. A solid remix that helps support the original nicely.

It’s too early in Dubcoast's infancy to predict its future, but Martini and Co are certainly off to a good start and 'Boundless' will definitely help them get the attention they deserve.

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