Artist: Chris Lake
Title: Release
Label: Rising Music
By: Jason Calvert | 24 April 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Luke Dzierzek Mix

Chris Lake "Release"

Out Now on Rising Music

As of late, Chris Lake's style has taken a significant turn down a more electro path than his previous work. Often I find it upsetting to see a producer change their style to suit what happens to be "in" at the moment. But in the instance of Chris Lake, he seems to be creating the sort of tracks that everybody wants to hear, and that can work up storms in clubs that need to be witnessed to be believed. Think of tracks like "Fantasy" or "Changes". These were the ones the DJs would keep until the peaks of their sets and then drop to watch the club explode. And it seems Mr. Lake has pulled it off yet again on "Release". If this can't make you move, then there isn't much else that will!

Like some of the other recent Lake releases, they really need to be experienced on either an insanely huge sound system, or in a club full to the brim with enthusiastic clubbers. On the surface it may seem quite simplistic. But it is the simplistic nature of the track which makes it so effective. It's raw chugging groove works the crowd and doesn't mess about. And whilst there are many similarities to be heard between this and other recent Lake works, there is always something about each which sets it apart. You'll have trouble finding someone who doesn't feel this track when played in the correct environment.

Luke Dzierzek may be a new player in the scene, but he is fast being recognized for his unique talent in the electro-prog area. Taking into account the nature of the Original Mix, he almost seems a perfect choice for remixing duties on this tune. The results are of course very satisfying. The remix conjures a very different mood, and is certainly not as peak-time in feel. Dzierzek has cleverly crafted his melody around the same key, making it very much his own track, whilst still being able to call it a remix. Suiting a very different mood, this remix definitely completes the release.

Another solid and well rounded release for Lake's Rising Music imprint. It will be quite interesting to see what the future has in store for Chris Lake as his sound evolves. Hopefully we will see his style continue to evolve and surprise us in different ways. He is certainly at risk of falling into a category of producers who wear out a particular sound very quickly, but thankfully he hasn't moved into this territory yet. Only time will tell!

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