Artist: Chris Lake
Title: Fantasy / Until She Rises
Label: Rising Music
By: Simon Jones | 7 March 2006
  • A: Fantasy
  • B: Until She Rises

Chris Lake "Fantasy / Until She Rises"

Out Now on Rising Music

Since re-emerging from his studio a few months back, Chris Lake has been on a seemingly unstoppable rollercoaster of success. Whilst some of his collaborative work may not always have hit the spot, on his own he's yet to put a foot wrong. Whilst the massive 'Changes' obviously springs to mind, having captured the attention of not only DJs the world over and music lovers alike, but also found itself as the soundtrack to Saturday afternoon football in the UK, it's Chris' own label Rising Music that deserves the attention, as thus far it's been an outlet for some superb production work, and whilst this AA single containing 'Fantasy' and 'Until She Rises' is only the second release, it definitely solidifies the foundation of what is to come.

'Fantasy' is perhaps the biggest sounding track that Chris has produced to date, an electronic house track that is both tough and unrelenting, and whilst it starts out on a stomping dirty note, that's just the beginning of what's to come. A big hypnotic vocal loop sits tight at the heart of the track, and as it builds and builds, Chris really twists and distorts the sounds, and the results really do speak for themselves each time this monstrous slab of electro house is driven through a club's sound system.

'Until She Rises' may be more subdued than it's a-side counterpart, but don't write it off as it's a component and well produced acid edged house track that has been filling out the sets of many of the usual suspects for several months now. The bottom end bass and chunky rhythms provide a simplistic combination that forms the main staple of the track, but when all is said and done, sometimes simplicity is the key as is proven here.

Thus far, 2006 has been an excellent year for Chris Lake and this two track single builds perfectly on the foundations placed by the label's debut earlier in the year. With the eagerly anticipated 'Release' due to appear soon, 'Rising' is a term that aptly describes both the label and Chris Lake's career at this time.

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