Artist: Chris Lake
Title: Changes
Label: Alternative Route
By: Jason Calvert | 20 December 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dub Funk Mix

Chris Lake "Changes"

Out Now on Alternative Route

Chris Lake has hit us hard lately with a number of tight releases up his sleeve. They were very tight, and had many fine points to them. However, 'Changes' particularly seems to stand out above the rest. A favourite with Pete Tong from Radio One, and featured by Desyn Masiello on his breathtaking Balance compilation, you've likely heard the catchy melody at some point even if the name doesn't ring any bells. So how does the release as a whole stand up?

If you ever at some point need to prove that complex compositions do not always result in the best tracks, then here is your proof. 'Changes' is highly simplistic in almost every aspect, but that is in fact what makes it such a remarkable tune. The foundations are laid down with a squelching bassline, and over the top we have an unbelievably catchy piano melody. This material goes down best on a huge sound system when you're surrounded by clubbers, and if you haven't already heard this yet, then do not fear as I can guarantee you will be hearing it right into the new year!

Now if the Original blew you away as much as it did for me, then one may find the 'Dub Funk Mix' slightly confronting. It takes a totally different direction, and admittedly took some time to grow on me. But after giving it some thorough listens, I can genuinely say that I appreciate it as much as the Original but certainly in different aspects. The upfront piano line is stripped right back to the ground, as a very sexy house bassline takes hold. Some heavily chopped up samples of the piano find their way in throughout, but this mix is more about capturing a smooth and classy atmosphere, and it certainly does what it sets out to achieve.

This track has been a personal favourite of mine over summer (being summer over here in Australia at the moment!), so for us who are down under Alternative Route couldn't have picked a better time to release this track. Both mixes take an entirely different direction, but I have found times to spin both depending on the atmosphere. What I love about Alternative Route releases is that they aren't afraid to try something different for the flipside. We could also see this on the 'Venice Dawn' release, which included a sexy house outing from Paradise Soul. I can't wait to hear what more will be coming from both Alternative Route and Chris Lake after this release!

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