Artist: Chris Lake & Rhythm Code Present L.A.B. Music
Title: Wrong Turn
Label: Babylon Records
By: Jason Calvert | 14 November 2005
  • A: Parham & Dominic Plaza Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Chris Lake & Rhythm Code Present L.A.B. Music "Wrong Turn"

Out Now on Babylon Records

For the next outing on Babylon Records, a man who has been turning heads left right and centre is Chris Lake, and for "Wrong Turn" we see him team up with Neil Barber and Asher Jones of the Rhythm Code fame. The result is simplistic whilst still being effective, but does not tread any new ground, and perhaps may not be the attention grabber one may have expected.

In the Original Mix the composition is well balanced, retaining an even mixture throughout each range. The melody is kept subtle, and never pushes through to being the main element. However this is quite effective, as the mood is kept calm, and this is obviously how the producers intended it to be. Would work well in the warming up stages of a progressive set.

For the remix, Sweden's Parham teams up with Poland's Dominic Plaza yet again for a more melodic take on the Original Mix. The simplicity of the underlying elements of the Original Mix is retained, however the re-sampled melody is brought into the foreground, giving it more impact and giving it more power. This shifts mood from calm to a more up-beat feeling, providing a sound alternative to the Original Mix.

Much of a muchness here. If you like to keep to a more conservative route then this release may well be worth picking up. The production quality is high, and both versions remain fully coherent throughout. However I felt they could have packed more of a punch, and I'm of the belief that these could quite easily get lost in a sea of similar productions. I urge you to keep an eye out for Chris Lake's forthcoming track "Changes" on Alternative Route, which is superior in almost every aspect.

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