Artist: Chris Fortier
Title: Whateveritis
Label: Fade Records
By: Simon Jones | 29 May 2003
  • A: Whateveritis
  • B: Whateverisleft

Chris Fortier "Whateveritis"

Out Now on Fade Records

Chris Fortier's career since the early days back in Orlando has skyrocketed. Be it as part of Fade alongside Neil Kolo, or via his numerous dj residents, the Balance Promote Group, and many mix cds, Chris has always excelled as what he does. Having made occasional appearances as a remixer, Chris no doubt wondered how far he could push himself as a solo producer, and with after setting up his own studio embarked on several projects, one of which is this latest release on Fade.

As the first beats of the bouncing groove sway in, you can predict you are about to be pushed to the limit. Soon each layer of uplifting percussion weaves into another, the track evolves with as each section drops out, constantly building and surprising you. 'Whateveritis', it's sounding good so far. As the pace picks up and kickdrums ripple through the groove, an atmospheric melody emerges from underneath, the beats spread apart roughly and the main hook sweeps across the dancefloor engulfed in atmospheric melody that will send a shiver down your spine. A devastating cut from Chris Fortier, and whateverthisis, it is superb..

The b-side is entitled 'Whateverisleft' but don't let the title fool you into thinking this is just an afterthought. Taking a deeper journey into the unknown, the main hook of the track raises it's head early on as this melodic edged reinterpretation, with vocal samples and fx fed into the beats to add a sense of depth. Sticking to the same epic tempo as the a-side, this mix is a bit more emotional peak time stuff, but is good nevertheless.

Chris Fortier need not worry about the non appearance of his as yet unreleased first single 'Losing Wait', as 'Whateveritis' is just as good if not better, and with further solo projects to come later in the year, it's looking to be a very prosperous year both for him and his Fade imprint.

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