Artist: Chris Fortier
Title: Losing Wait
Label: FDS Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 15 November 2004
  • A1: Main Mix
  • B1: Deep Dub
  • B2: Reprise

Chris Fortier "Losing Wait"

Out Now on FDS Recordings

After much speculation of "will it, wont it be released", Chris Fortier's aptly titled 'Losing Wait' finally makes its appearance, and to say it's long overdue would be somewhat of an understatement. Due to the issue of a sample clearance with the vocal its been kept out of our mitts, but now thankfully Chris Fortier is able to release it on his new FDS Recordings imprint, a label that has already gained some recognition in the first of a series of EPs from the ever consistent Steve Porter.

The 'Main Mix' has been a staple of Fortier's sets for a long time, it's big bass and dynamic synths having filled many a room in the past two years, and on this particular mix the vocal solo that cuts through the atmospheric sweeps and tribal drums that makes it stand out, aided by a superb climbing percussion that leads towards the unforgettable vocal breakdown.

Taking a more dubbed out direction, the 'Deep Dub' strips back the vocal and allows the underlying bassline to rise through and drive the track forward, with some excellent rhythm arrangements keeping the mood deep and hypnotic, with the melody line truly mesmerizing in the way it grows slowly. This in addition to the added reprise on the vinyl makes for some interesting possibilities.

All in all, a fairly well rounded second release from Fortier's FDS label, but as a track that originally appeared at a time when the dark tribal sounds were being replaced by the more upbeat and melodic ones that are all the rage today, you have to feel that the ideas here have been somewhat surpassed since, and the wait has only meant some of it's appeal has long since been lost.

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