Artist: Chris Fortier
Title: As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP4)
Label: EQ Grey
By: Ryan Simoneau | 16 September 2008
  • A: Portion Control (Joel Mull Mix)
  • B: Don't Hide What You Believe (Patrick Zigon Mix)

Chris Fortier "As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP4)"Chris Fortier "As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP4)"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Following on from his debut album, “As This Moment Exists”, American DJ, Chris Fortier delivers the fourth installment in his remix series. Chris is a true chameleon when it comes to his musical tastes, which was reflected on his installment in the “Balance” series and on his debut album, which were both released on Australia’s esteemed EQ Grey label. Here he has enlisted Joel Mull and Patrick Zigon to rework two of his tracks.

Mr Mull reworks “Portion Control” and takes the original’s squiggly, electro-breaks stylings and turns them into a thumping, tech-house tune. Repetitive keys build over traditional 4/4 beats before a growling bassline is introduced to beef up the track. It’s here where the track should take off but it never really does. This is a prime example of stellar parts not adding up to produce a complete piece. The bassline is by far the best bit and I do prefer this version to the original though but neither gets my pulse racing.

Relative newcomer, Patrick Zigon takes his turn on “Don’t Hide What You Believe” and strips away the chugging tech-house flavour of the original in favor of a bare bones, Basic Channel-esque version. Patrick has delivered a take that’s full of crackles, swirling echoes and bass so deep, you’ll feel you’re in space. However, the tune is extremely repetitive and unlike with most Basic Channel tracks, there’s no memorable melody to speak of. It’s well produced but there’s simply not enough to latch onto as a listener.

While these remixes certainly offer a distinctively different take on Chris’s originals, they’ll hardly set the scene on fire. In fact, I don’t really know what kind of a set these would be played in, as they aren’t very up-tempo and not diverse enough to warrant headphone listening either. Still, for fans of Fortier, they’ll be worth looking into but I’d caution for diehards only.

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