Artist: Chris Fortier
Title: As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP3)
Label: EQ Grey
By: Simon Jones | 16 September 2008
  • A: Believe (Pheek 'Reconstructed' Mix)
  • B: Believe (Someone Else Vox Mix)

Chris Fortier "As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP3)"Chris Fortier "As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP3)"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Chris Fortier's 'As Long As The Moment Exists' was one of 2007's standout artist albums, an album that surprised many, even long standing fans who had followed him from his days in Orlando through to his relocation to New York. The sounds, ideas and direction of this album were indeed far removed from the body of work he did with with Neil Kolo as Fade, and as part of the 'As Long As The Moment Remixed' project, these have been dismantled, readjusted and reworked further, with the third EP in the series bringing together the odd couple of Pheek and Someone Else.

Montreal minimalist Pheek puts 'Believe' through the theoretical audio blender, processing the output and reconstructing it from the mass of parts he was left with. Using a heavy bass groove as his blank canvas, this producer brings all his many years of experience into play, layering intricate effects and triggers to create a deep, pulsating heart within a wall of randomised sounds and percussive rhythms. Whilst the end result may end up a bit too sparse for some, the overall production value is high and the sound design is certainly innovative - all in all one of the more experimental and interesting mixes of the whole remix project.

Philly's own Foundsounds kingpin and producer extraordinaire Someone Else takes a more direct route, laying down a relentless, throbbing groove, underpinned by some tight analogue kick percussion and filtered effects. Series upon series of delayed, cup up beats ricochet off the walls of effects that carrying the mix into a brief interlude of ambience before letting the body rocking groove take control once more. Pure speaker tweaking music for the dance floor, a must have for the record box or cd wallet without question.

EP3 showcases perhaps the deepest experimentation of the entire 'As Long As The Moment' project, bringing two of the most respected underground producers together to rework one of the standout tracks of the album. Coupled with the tremendous remixes across the rest of the series, be it the futuristic sounds of Error Error's 'Sunday Is A Travel Day' remix on EP1 or the driving energy of the John Digweed supported Joel Mull version of 'Portion Control' on EP4, and all in all each EP has its own standout track, but EP3 by far has the richest depth in terms of innovation.

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