Artist: Chris Fortier
Title: As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP2)
Label: EQ Grey
By: Jason Calvert | 22 September 2008
  • A: As Long As The Moment Exists (Ed Davenport Mix)
  • B: Quote Unquote (Mark Henning 'Out Of Tune' Mix)

Chris Fortier "As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP2)"Chris Fortier "As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP2)"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Chris Fortier's "As Long As The Moment Exists" graced sound systems in 2007 and was received positively across most corners of the scene. Not only was it an album but it was a musical journey, crafted intricately and methodically. It was a rare album which grew riper with age and like a good movie, I found myself discovering new elements to it upon each new listen. Over a year on and we are graced with a selection of remixes to complement. EP2 showcases UK's Ed Davenport and Mark Henning.

Davenport provides a strong and unique interpretation of the final track of the album, which was a blissful ambient affair in its original form. He works up a driving percussion section and infuses synths and flutters from the original in a seamless fashion. The result is a progressive piece which is both bold and laid back at the same time. It takes a little while to reach its peak but the listener is rewarded with a lush breakdown, making the overall track highly worth the listen.

Henning's take on "Quote Unquote" has much more of a chugging feel to it. Not as classy as the flipside but certainly dirtier. Therefore at least one of the tracks should take your fancy. By being selective in the elements he makes use of, Henning manages to give the track a very eerie feel. The percussion is slow and heavy but retains the strong direction of the original. Henning's style on this track should go down well with both minimal and progressive crowds, as it has a nice balance of elements from both genres. This stripped back version rounds out EP2 well due to the way it contrasts Davenport's A-side.

Whether you're familiar with Fortier's album or not, this is a solid release regardless. These are fine examples of modern progressive which sadly we aren't seeing enough of recently. If you enjoy this then you will certainly take delight in listening to the other three EPs in the series, as well as the online-only specials. If you missed out on Fortier's masterpiece last year, then perhaps this is your opportunity to see what you missed out on. Listening to the album in its original form only strengthens one's interpretation of the remixes.

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