Artist: Chris Fortier
Title: As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP1)
Label: EQ Grey
By: Chloe Harris | 19 September 2008
  • A: Sunday Is A Travel Day (Error Error Mix)
  • B: As Long As The Moment Exists (Bruno Pronsato Mix)

Chris Fortier "As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP1)"Chris Fortier "As Long As The Moment Remixed (EP1)"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Chris Fortier has been in the forefront of America's dance music scene for the past 20 years. A legend in his own right who has built up a legion of fans across the planet with his complex and fine-tuned DJ sets to his impeccable production talents. His first debut album 'As Long As The Moment Lasts' received accolades across the board, and now receives new interpretations by some of the best new artists out there. The first EP of four, sees remixes from techno aficionados Error Errror and Bruno Pronsato.

For the past four years Error Error, also known as Denis Karimani and Pelle Buys, have been tearing up dancefloors with their infectious and intricate beats. Their sound is hard to categorize and takes hints from disco, dub, techno and house, infusing them all together effortlessly. They take Chris Fortier's 'Sunday Is A Day Of Travel' into a floor destroying monster with clever changes and slow builds. Beautiful arpeggiated keys and delicate drums start us off, while wobbly acid creeps in building slowly like an old Humate song. 909 kicks, snares and high hats ferociously attack, swinging the acid into a gnarly and rough edge, building and commanding attention bringing the floor into a frenzy. The acid changes again as it falls away sparking up a bit of funk and rounding out into a nice little groove.

Bruno Pronsato real name Steven Ford, got his start as a drummer in a speed-metal punk band before finding himself in Seattle where he honed his craft of avant-garde techno. He has released music on labels such as Orac, Telegraph, and Philpot and also exists as various other pseudonyms. He's talented and he's gaining attention at a high speed. His remix of 'As Long As The Moment Last's' has big huge 808 bass booms accompanied by a high pitched tone that never seems to go away. Metallic keys float thru the choppy beats as they build into a sweet slow groove. Bubbles and pops warm the space making room for a new plucked guitar while the bass brings in some funk. The song develops in some weird ways but in ways that may illuminate anyone's K hole. This is weird but it works.

These two remixes are wonderful but I'd like to mention the other two released digitally. Perc's Trufax Remix of 'Don't Hide What You Believe' is nothing short of amazing. The soundscapes, the drums and the layers bring this tune into a smorgasbord of goodness. I still hear it in my ears. And lastly, 'Sunday Is A Travel Day' remixed by Ink & Needle have brought this down to an ambient place while keeping the grooves in there.

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