Artist: Chris & Kai
Title: Catch Me / Suffocation
Label: Yoshitoshi Recordings
By: Chad Harnish | 12 January 2004
  • A: Suffocation (Relentless Dub)
  • B: Catch Me (Frozen In Time Vocal Mix)
  • C: Catch Me (Frozen In Time Club Mix)
  • D: Suffocation (Locked In The Basement Mix)

Chris & Kai "Catch Me / Suffocation"

Out Now on Yoshitoshi Recordings

“Catch Me” is one of those rare cover tracks that can take you by complete surprise. With a sturdy sonic frame that can stand completely on its own, “Catch Me” builds to a fusing of vocals and melodies from Pretty Poison’s original “Catch Me I’m Falling.” It’s not until 3 minutes into that track that you will start to find familiar elements catching your ear. Once the vocals pour over the broken beats and sparkling melody you will immediately be wisped back to the 80s. Chris & Kai give it a respectful remake that will have wide appeal across the floors.

“Suffocation” is not only on the complete other side of the vinyl, but it is also on the complete other side of the audio spectrum from “Catch Me.” Dark and brooding are words that accurately describe this track. It is a really imaginative track with samples melting into one another creating a fluid motion of sounds.

Chris & Kai offer up two pieces of originality, each unique to the other. While “Catch Me” can be used to inject excitement into a crowd, “Suffocation” can be used to incite panic. Another winner for the Yoshitoshi tribe.

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