Artist: Chloe Harris
Title: Skooch
Label: Mashtronic Records
By: Simon Jones | 28 September 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Oliver Lieb Mix

Chloe Harris "Skooch"

Out Now on Mashtronic Records

Seattle based DJ Chloe Harris first emerged on Internet based global radio station Groovetech where she did a weekly two hour show entitled 'Further', with a steady listener base that carried over to her B-Sides show on Proton Radio and also the Sound Bytes series on music portal Progressive-Sounds. Recognition for Chloe's talent for being able to transcend multiple genres soon followed, as did an increasing DJ schedule which has taken her around the world plus earned her a support slot on two of John Digweed's Transitions tours to date. Totally immersed in music for most of her life, it's little surprise that Chloe is also an avid studio and technology lover, and whilst it's been some time coming, her debut single 'Skooch' now lands on European label Mashtronic Records.

The 'Original Mix' is a deep, atmospheric piece of music, fusing house elements with linear melodic synth lines, underpinned by a heady and hypnotic groove. A warm, glitch infused acid line shimmers through the melody sweeps, creating a gliding effect that washes over the other elements, oozing through the track's many layers, it's versatility meaning it's both a great set opener and late night track in one.

Based on the original's deep leanings, Oliver Lieb is undoubtedly the perfect choice of remixer, as evidenced by his work as LSG and more recently Solieb. His masterful handling of soundscapes and layers shines through, with each beat, synth and bass stab bringing life to the nucleus that steadily grows at the heart of this minimalistic and deep journey through sound.

A terrific debut original single from Chloe, with further original material set to appear on her own soon to be launched Further Music imprint. With the addition of a rare remix from Oliver Lieb (only his third in the last four years), this single has already gained a wide amount of attention from a diverse range of DJs, and paves the way for a promising future.

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