Artist: Cassino & Laben
Title: Leaving Panic Behind
Label: Babylon Records
By: Jason Calvert | 15 July 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Flash Brothers Mix

Cassino & Laben "Leaving Panic Behind"

Out Now on Babylon Records

Italians Andrea Cassino and Alex Laben never cease to amaze. Anyone who has had the pleasure of witnessing them live will agree with this. The diversity in their sets allows them to combine a multitude of styles seamlessly, which many attempt at and fail. "Leaving Panic Behind" shows a very open sound, and Flash Brothers give a beautifully uplifting interpretation which will still hold appeal to many progressive fans out there.

If you're attempting to send the dancefloor into a semi-euphoric state, then the Flash Brothers Mix is certainly an attractive looking contender. Exploring their trancier side lately, the Israli trio take the subtlety of the Original Mix and turn the groove up high. Taking a direction which steers quite far off from the Original's path, the melody is filtered and given some extra riffs, which give it a real peak-time feel. Many trademark Flash Brothers effects are layered in, and when you put all of this together, you get the tight production values which seem to be evident in almost all Flash Brothers' productions. A very refreshing mix.

The Original Mix sets up its groove early on, showing the listener exaxtly where it intends to go. Much more is stripped down from the Flash Brothers Mix, giving it a sleek and almost classy feel to it. The melody takes us on a journey throughout the addictive bassline, but whilst it has a lot of atmosphere to it, it's definately not your peak time number. This is the mix to put on, sit back, and groove to.

A very solid first release for Babylon Records, and definately a highlight in the careers of Cassino & Laben. Having an almost trancy feel to it, this may not appeal to strictly progressive listeners or people into darker sounds, but this track has already been making its mark with heavy support from Andrew K and many others.

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