Artist: Cass
Title: Kenjin
Label: SAW Recordings
By: Chad Harnish | 5 September 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Infusion Mix

Cass "Kenjin"

Out Now on SAW Recordings

Cass (of Cass and Slide) delivers a hard driving cut for SAW Recording. Written and produced with the help of Luke Chable at his Christmas Hills Audio Bunker retreat, Kenjin is full of funk and original flavors. This single makes a perfect addition to SAW’s steller catalogue and has received tremendous support on the floors.

Cass’ original mix is thick with aggression. Solid, forceful percussion and a unique chopping bass line mingle with quality sounds of bright ambience. The atmospheric sound is pumped into the powerful rhythms and builds to a small, curious point. At this time, choppy echoing vocal snippets are used over an organ sounding synth to stir emotions that transcend understanding. Unfortunately, that only lasts but for a brief period and soon we are pumped back into the driving rhythm machine. Cass does it again.

Let me just start by saying this. If you haven’t heard of Infusion by now, check out their work. Their remix of Jase From Outta Space’s “Do What You Want” on Holden’s new mix CD is hotter than hot. They have worked with Junkie XL, have recently collaborated with Blackwatch, and are here today to remix for the legendary Cass. Infusions mix is even more aggressive than the original with brisk drums and invigorating energy. Infusing spacey effects and almost Orbital sounding melodies into Cass’ effort, Infusion have created a dance floor destroyer fit for consumption by all. Especially interesting is how the synth runs in tandem with the bass line, mocking its every move. My only regret is that they didn’t pull on the organ sound that I yearned for more of outta the original.

Two quality tracks here, but what else did you expect from SAW Records, Cass & Infusion.

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