Artist: Cass
Title: Hootinanny
Label: Sabotage Systems
By: Simon Jones | 18 August 2003
  • A: Hootinanny (Original Mix)
  • B: Mind Rewind (Satoshi Tomiie Mix)

Cass "Hootinanny"

Out Now on Sabotage Systems

The latest release on Sabotage sees Cass return for another solo outing. Following on from his recent single 'Kenjin' on Saw, 'Hootinanny' sees him back in action with quite possibly his best work to date. As a bonus, there's the unreleased remix of 'Mind Rewind' by Satoshi Tomiie, so I think you wll agree that this has the potential to be a winner indeed.

'Hootinanny' sees Cass shy away from the big sound of 'Kenjin' and embark down a more hypnotic, techy path. Built around a warm yet trippy b-line, the percussion shimmers in and out of the groove, as a quirky yet attention getting vocal sample rises out of the groove on occasion. The beat pattern draws you in more and more as it develops, and the subtle drops keep things interesting, leading to clashing of intricate melodies and deep stabs as we reach the break and straight into a rippling outro that will mess with your head. Driving, twisted goodness as only Cass can create.

On the flipside, we revisit the track that started the whole Sabotage ethos, as Satoshi Tomiie adds his own twist to 'Mind Rewind'. Leading in with some deep percussive grooves, the mood is set nicely as you can hear the main hook of the track buzzing away in the background, slowly moving forward as the beats kick harder, subtle loops and cut up effects teasing it in slowly. Ripping bass stabs bounce underneath the hook as it emerges fully, lending a deep, dark atmospheric edge to the mix. Tribal style percussion interrupts the groove in the later half of the track, bringing the tempo down before building up to a massive grand finale, where the familar hook takes over with devastaing results. Satoshi's precision and timing on this remix is excellent, and each change is made like an assassin waiting to pounce. A killer remix which will bring the track back into many a record box.

The production on both tracks is top notch, and you really have to appreciate just what Satoshi has done to 'Mind Rewind'. Fans of the original should check this out, but don't overlook 'Hootinanny' as it's one forward thinking cut that you won't get tired of.

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