Artist: Cass
Title: Eight: Sabotage Live At Centro 360
Label: Sabotage Systems
By: Simon Jones | 26 March 2003
  1. BlueRoomProject – Aperitif
  2. Paul Lancaster – Don't Stop Burning
  3. Shane – Killaman Nicked My Giro
  4. Cass – Swarfega Svengali
  5. Giorgio Gigli – Kill My Groove
  6. Ben Camp – Emergence
  7. Nukes – Science Silence
  8. Excession – Spatialize

Cass "Eight: Sabotage Live At Centro 360"

Out Now on Sabotage Systems

Since the advent of a track called 'Perception', Cass Cutbush has never been out of the minds of many for long. Be it his productions with Slide, or his mix compilations 'Prologue' or 'Spundae Interpretations', and each have received plaudits and accolades, gaining Cass a growing fan base. Several months ago he decided in light of all the other compilations on the market, that he wanted to seek out some of the best of the unknown or up and coming talent up there and create a mix that not only showcases his diverse mixing ability, but helps to promote these artists as well. Cass is one of those rare people who puts back in what he receives as he knows this will only help the scene to grow bigger and better. With the demise of his imprint Fire Recordings, he set up Sabotage, and then decided to take the idea further. Instead of all the digitally mixed compilations, he would do a live mix, and it is in co-operation with the superb Centro 360 club, restaurant and waterfront bar complex in Singapore delivers a cd that reflects the intimate nature of the venue, thus spanning both the club orientated end of the spectrum as well as creating an experience that makes good home listening. The experience, ladies and gentlemen, is 'Eight', and this is how it unfolds..

The swirling ambience of BlueRoomProject's 'Aperitif' gently edges you into the next hour or so, with it's deep organic beats and sweeping effects being melancholic but at the same time hiding the dark, sinister sounds that will soon have you locked in their grip. The melody line that disrupts the eerie mood only serves to add anticipation and tension, and Paul Lancaster's 'Don't Stop Burning' plays on this tension as it's low sub bass groove and tight beats assault your mind and soul. Twisted delay on the vocal disturbs the groove and it momentarily becomes distorted, the disjointed result blending into the rough dnb bassline of 'Killaman Nicked My Giro', a track made by Shane, a guy who sits mastering levels on vinyl at a pressing plant for a day job. A far cry from what Cass does, jetting to the most remote destinations across the world, but the track itself is a 'masteredpiece' that makes good use of techy grooves and synth effects to press it's way into the mix and keep you captivate within it's evolving nucleus.

Cass keeps things simple with 'Swarfega Svengali', a big rolling groove slowly fading out to a singular beat before crashing back in, wave after wave of analogue style goodness and subtle melodies that bubble underneath the surface that shape themselves into the warm sounds of 'Kill My Groove' in almost chameleon like fashion. Giorgio Gigli reveals he has great dancefloor sensibilities, placing the vocal in carefully to bridge gaps in the track, rather than try to take away from or overshadow it, thus allowly to the warm house sounds to trickle out with sublime grandeur, but tranquillity is soon to become chaos with 'Emergence' by Ben Camp pushing the pace up several notches with it's frantic kick drum arrangement and pulsating groove.

Nukes continues the confused state of affairs with deep sub bass effects and light melodies suffocating an electronic bassline that distorted and grates as it attempts to release itself from it's stranglehold. Like yourself, it cannot escape, as you are held tightly within the mix, where Cass has kept you curious and in an anticipating state of mind. That might well be the 'Science of Silence'. Well aware that you are ripe for the picking, a no nonsense groove restrains you, tripped out percussive splinters and an eerie, spacial sound increasing the intensity, before your mind is assaulted one last time with layer upon layer of breakbeats, an outer world vocal taking control, before the finale sees you drawn through a series of drops into one last chance to dance. Cass may sometimes come across as a joker, but he knows when to keep an Ace up his sleeve, and Excession's 'Spatialize' is just that. A trump card with which Cass will win every time, and a track that you will find it hard to retaliate against. I'm sure you already agree.

The unique concept of 'Eight', featuring some of the best artists Cass has discovered on his travels across the globe crosses boundaries like he crosses continents. It breaks down barriers like the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, but in these trying times of conflict within the world, and with many preaching the doom and gloom of the economy, Cass proves there is a hope, and 'Eight' brings different people from different backgrounds together in a celebration of sound and music, whilst coming across as one of the freshest compilations you will hear this year.

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