Artist: Casa Flava
Title: Mulgula / Digimo
Label: Plastica
By: Simon Jones | 23 February 2004
  • A: Mulgula
  • B: Digimo

Casa Flava "Mulgula / Digimo"

Out Now on Plastica

It wasn't that long ago that we were graced with 'Darka', Casa Flava's second single, but the duo of Olivier Berger and Stan Kolev return with yet another single, featuring two new tracks entitled 'Muluga' and 'Digimo'. Both are the output of Casa Flava's continued development as part of Plastic Fantastic's roster, and move away from the direction the previous singles took us in.

'Mulgula' starts off with some traditional percussive moments, great atmospheric sweeps floating across the background as quirky sounds are dropped into the groove. A subtle hook emerges, leading the way forward with a smooth, hypnotic riffs rising up as the tempo increases, taking us towards a drum heavy break where the track takes a turn towards a pounding climax.

'Digimo' is more laid back in contrast to the a-side track. A haunting ethnic sound trickles out of the background as smokey beats get to work, a laid back percussive groove soon developing, introducing the trippy melody that becomes the lead element. Moody snare fills add some interesting sounds to the weird groove, as the pace remains fixed at a constant mellow haze.

Neither track will ignite the dancefloor, nor do they particularly push any new boundaries, but as a pair of filler tracks or DJ tools they do the job nicely, and will come in handy for those early morning sets.

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