Artist: Casa Flava
Title: De Moma De (Remixes)
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Simon Jones | 8 May 2003
  • A: Paris And Sharp Mix
  • B: Ashes Mix

Casa Flava "De Moma De (Remixes)"

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

Following on from the slightly disappointing original 12", Plastic Fantastic have drafted in Paris and Sharp to rework Casa Flava's 'De Moma De' for this remix 12", with another mix from Casa Flava themselves rounding off the package. Can it improve on things? There's only one way to find out...

First up to bat is 'Paris and Sharp' who pick up the tempo, dropping in a big kick drum bassline right from the onset, weaving layers of percussive stabs over the top to create the main groove of the track. Chunky house grooves murmur in the background whilst the vocal flows without restaint, trailing out of the gaps in the percussion line. Analogue style stabs change up the groove as it builds towards the vocal solo near the end of the track, as the rockin groove breaks free and rolls on all the way till the end. Paris and Sharp tighten it all up and make the track much more fluid as a result. Top stuff.

Casa Flava return with yet another mix on the b-side, as the loose percussive groove of the 'Ashes Mix' slips through the speakers. Tech influenced effects and trippy drum lines create a deep tribal groove that cuts through the centre, breaking up the vocal as melodic stabs add an additional element to the mix, climaxing in an atmospheric and uplifting break, before slipping back to the soft hip shakin bass on the outro.

Casa Flava saved the best mix for last, and with the well produced rework from Paris and Sharp, this 12" offers some fresh ideas to a much used sound, and is worth checking out if you like your sounds deep and dark..

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