Artist: Carlos Fauvrelle
Title: Operator
Label: Choo Choo Records
By: Simon Jones | 18 June 2003
  • A: Operator
  • B: Operator Dub

Carlos Fauvrelle "Operator"

Out Now on Choo Choo Records

The latest release on Choo Choo comes from the Portugeuse producer Carlos Fauvrelle. With his twisted house he has already mad fans out of Dannys Howells and Tenaglia as well as others such as the Low End Specialists, Tom Stephan and indeed, Choo Choo's own Barry Gilbey. It was inevitable really that 'The Operator' now arrives on Choo Choo, but just what is the fuss about? Read on..

Tribal drums conceal a vicious chunky bassline that you just cant resist, making this 'Original Mix' take control of the dancefloor. Add in a sultry female vocal sample that slithers it's way through the intricate percussive layers, navigating the dense jungle of sound and the hypnotic appeal of this track increases tenfold. Infectious, dirty and twisted.. you know you want some of this.

The carnage continues with the 'Dub Mix' on the flipside, and whilst the vocal maybe be notable by it's absence, it's substituted with snarling loops which stab at the groove and shudder like an elephant stamping down on the ground.

If dirty tribal house is still your thing, then this will not disappoint. One for the dark side of your life...

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