Artist: Can Kosmas
Title: Che Malakita (Part One)
Label: Proton Music
By: Jason Calvert | 2 December 2005
  • 1. Kosmas Epsilon & Can Costa Original Mix
  • 2. D-Nox & Beckers Mix

Can Kosmas "Che Malakita (Part One)"

Out Now on Proton Music

Proton Music return yet again with another stormer. This time we see a collaboration of Ricardo Perez Costa of Can Costa, and the infamous Kosmas Epsilon. Costa's diverse musical background has allowed him to produce a number of solid tracks over the years, and when this is brought together with Epsilon's forward thinking approach, the result is highly refreshing, and sure to impress many fans of the genre.

Melody is where the main focus is on the Original Mix. The bouncing percussion sets up a very inviting atmosphere, and the strong high ended melody is sure to put a smile on your face. A sliced up vocal sample makes appearance throughout, and this adds a layer of complexity to the track. The overall feel is very light-hearted, and has already been received warmly by many top DJs.

D-Nox & Beckers recently caused waves with their solid Featured Artist mix on Proton Radio, and therefore it is no surprise that they were brought in to deliver the remix. They approach the track from a different angle, pushing the melody that was originally the forefront of the composition into the background. The chugging bassline gives rise to a more driving feel than the original, and snippets of the melody frequently surface. The chopped up vocal sample is retained, and the guys have successfully retained the positive vibe of the Original Mix whilst giving the track a new slant. If the melody in the original hit you in the face a little too hard, perhaps this remix would be the one you are after.

I have spun both mixes in different scenarios, and both have been received very well by the crowds. The level of quality seen in this release is one I'm sure you all have come to expect from Proton Music, as I know I certainly have. They have just launched their next remix competition for Blake Jarrell's "Okoboji", so if you have any experience in the production arena, make sure to head on over to their website to pick up the sample pack and have a crack at reworking it!

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