Artist: Can Costa
Title: Who Cares?
Label: Music Is Freedom
By: Chloe Harris | 16 November 2003
  • A: Ricky Ryan Main Mix
  • B: Smight Special Place Mix

Can Costa "Who Cares?"

Out Now on Music Is Freedom

Ricky Ryan is a new comer to the production scene. He’s a Buenos Aires born and bred music aficionado with a great sound and a love for music. 'Who Cares' is a deeper trac that's been huge with Hernan Cattaneo, as well as Satoshi Tomiie and Adam Freeland. A well-rounded sound blending layers of tech house, progressive and breakbeats that will catch the ears of many. This is expected to be a big release for Music Is Freedom, being sought after since Paolo Mojo first started playing it in his dj sets.

Percussion start the 'Main Mix' off with shakers, toms, and a nice high hat pattern. A synth tone comes in and holds steady while the drums build. A deep house groove accompanies a warped bassline rolling into a twinkley arpeggiated part. A fuzzed out radio transmission of Martin Luther King starts in while the drums drop off. Changing the bassline into a more chugging feel we head back into a semi break beat. The mix takes many different turns and changes and would sound really nice as a warm up tune to get things started.

'Smight' has been gaining a lot of respect in the progressive community with his productions. With 'Who Cares' he creates a laid-back breakbeat remix. Smooth tribal beats slowly enter as creepy sounds fill the background. Nice electronic beeps groove above while the bass pushes us along. The radio transmission goes along with the sounds, as we drop off for a second into sounds that sway back and forth. The bassline changes into a deep note-changing groove and keeps moving on till the end. Smight's 'Special Place Mix' is a lovely mellow mix, perfect for the beginning of the evening or an after hours event that lasts late into the morning.

Paolo Mojo's label Music Is Freedom has shaped up to be quite an impressive label. The new talent he chooses goes along with his challenging sounds. 'Who Cares' isn't a track you can put inside of a genre box. It falls between tech house, tribal and break beats and has a sound all it’s own.

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