Artist: Can Costa & MOS Present The Key Generators
Title: Party People
Label: Mashtronic Records
By: Jason Calvert | 30 May 2006
  • A: Mashtronic Mix
  • B: 16 Bit Lolitas Mix

Can Costa & MOS Present The Key Generators "Party People"

Out Now on Mashtronic Records

Ricky Ryan teams up with Manuel Sofia for this hectic outing on Mashtronic Records. The label is relatively new but has already received plays from some of the biggest names in the industry. While personally I've enjoyed the labels releases, but never been in awe over them, "Party People" really made me turn my head. Easily the most solid release on the label to date.

Mathias and Henri have worked up quite a reputation in a short time, and are one of the most sought after names for production work at the moment. Their heavy electro-fused sound is all the rush at the moment, so it is little wonder as to why this is. Their mix provided here on "Party People" however seems to go that little bit further than the rest of their work in my opinion. The percussion strikes with pure force as the hectic bassline rides along on the wave created. Then as the key changes hit, emotion flows out from the centre of all the madness to create an amazing peak time atmosphere set to drive clubbers wild this summer.

16 Bit Lolitas provide an equally engaging remix on the flipside. While they still use electro elements, it is nowhere near to the same extent as Mashtronic. Instead, they use the elements to complement lush melodic pads and a beautiful bassline. The result is a much crisper sound than Mashtronic's and will be favoured by many, myself included. The overall atmosphere is very emotive.

Two almost opposing mixes featured here ensure that the release will have widespread appeal. Mashtronic aim their mix at the centre of the dancefloor during the peak of any electro-styled set, whereas 16 Bit Lolitas focus on a mix which is equally powerful, but in more subtle ways. The balance seen in the release is great, and helps me in my opinion of this being the greatest release to come from the label yet.

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