Artist: Can Costa & Josh Collins
Title: Peyote Ugly
Label: CP Recordings
By: Nick Williams & Brandon Wade | 20 December 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Pig & Dan Mix

Can Costa & Josh Collins "Peyote Ugly"

Out Now on CP Recordings

The next release for CPR showcases a collaboration between artists that are a half a world away. Argentinean DJ and producer Can Costa teams up with Chicago's Joshua Collins for this techy electro shaker. With over 90 releases on various labels, most notably Gourmet, Honchos, and the now defunct Hooj Choons, Josh Collins is no stranger to making some great dance music. Due to a booking error that landed him in Buenos Aires for an extra couple of days, he teamed up with relative newcomer Ricky Ryan aka Can Costa. Can Costa has burst onto the scene recently with some recent success with new releases on Babylon, Music is Freedom, VapouRise and Proton Music. The Buenos Aires vibe must have spurred up some more creative juices in this duo as they meld really huge electro inspired bass sounds along with a real organic drum line that keeps the groove going.

The 'Original Mix' showcases their sound to full effect. This song will make you wanna shake it. A sharp crisp snare over a bouncy beat take this song off, with organic drums layering themselves over the top of each other. A soft synth chord adds some ambiance without really taking too much attention, then the bouncy electro-esque bassline comes in… hard. An oscillated, filtered vocal states "I wanna go" in the breakdown, and them is echoed and effected throughout the rest of the song. A metallic sweepy dreamy synth takes this song to the next level, making it a great track to play in the later hours of your set. Another aspect of this track that we love is the progression of the whole song. There is never a dull moment, and its because of that this is such a great track.

The B-side comes from Sonic Society label-heads Dan Duncan & Igor Tchkotoua (aka Pig & Dan). They create a more loopy techno influenced track. The track starts out with a filtered and delayed metallic shaker with the same vocal brought in heavily effected with a huge reverb. Once the groove is introduced, it takes on a very shuddery feeling, which makes us feel like turning a strobe light on. A minimal breakdown gives way to the same loop with an abrasive detuned guitar-like synth line that is punctuated by small twinkly piano lines. Overall, this seemed like a half-arsed effort, compared with their earlier works on their own label. We would have hoped for a better b-side to a great a-side.

Overall, this release is worth it for the wicked original, and by the looks of the last couple of releases, it looks like CP Recordings is heading in a more tech-house direction. Next on the agenda for CPR features new work by Habersham, as he remixes a new tune by Tokyo's Masanori Fujimoto (Nukes).

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