Artist: CPM
Title: The Dirty Mellow EP
Label: Proton Music
By: Jason Calvert | 17 October 2005
  • 1. Dirty
  • 2. Mellow

CPM "The Dirty Mellow EP"

Out Now on Proton Music

Peak-time is not always the way to go with tracks, and Argentina's Christian Pablo Malloni certainly understands this. Shifting his focus to creating a serene atmosphere, he certainly succeeds in doing this. Having dabbled in many styles in the past, what we see here is him drawing from all of his influences far and wide to construct two pieces which capture both a sense of diversity and showcase his quality production skills.

"Dirty" is the darker of the two, and uses a smooth bass section to give the track a very solid feel, and mid ranged melodies to enhance the atmosphere. The track remains tough throughout, and whilst no one element in particular stands out, this is the way the track was intended to come across. Subtly building itself from underneath, and works its way inside the listeners head. This is not the type of track you can skip through quickly. To take in all of its beauty, it must be listened to from start to finish without interruption. Only then will you understand the minimal beauty showcased.

"Mellow" is more up-tempo, and has an overall brighter feel to its counterpart. It is built around a foundation of breakbeats, and uses a guitar influenced sub melody to set a distinctively different mood to "Dirty". The prime melody floats way up in the high ranges of the composition, ensuring it is clearly separated from other elements, and thus ensuring stands out. The laid back feel makes you want to just kick back in your chair, put your feet up, and just groove to this one.

CPM has thrown down two tracks which are both strong is different aspects. This is a slight departure from the usual Proton style many have come to expect, but only strengthens them as a label, disabling people from being able to pigeonhole, and displaying that they are open to progressive music in many of its forms.

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