Artist: C-Jay
Title: Scheurbrie
Label: Babylon Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 March 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Roger Martinez Mix

C-Jay "Scheurbrie"

Out Now on Babylon Records

After a short hiatus, the Babylon Records imprint returns with it's 11th release. with Dutch producer C-Jay presenting his latest track 'Scheurbrie'. Having already been supported consistently by Hernan Cattaneo & Anthony Pappa since it's completion in late 2006, the track now comes with a remix from Roger Martinez - another artist who those who follow C-Jay's own Session Recordings label will be more than familiar with.

The 'Original Mix' sways between moody "heads down" hypnotism and dirty electro house. The main elements of the track are very understated, submerged under layers of percussion and acid stabs, with the occasional synth line rising over and above the underlying arrangement. The track's tempo is quite upbeat, more in line with the music from half a decade ago as opposed the sound of now, but all in all, its an interesting mid-set piece, and one of C-Jay's better works to date.

'Roger Martinez' provides a tougher, dubbed out interpretation over on the reverse, splicing up the track's main elements and rearranging them, ditching the original's deep moods for a fuller electro vibe, though it's fairly by numbers in it's approach.

The French label has enjoyed relative success since it's inception some months ago, and throughout 2007, look for the label to seek to increase it's profile, kicking off with a hot new EP from Dousk, with many more to follow.

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