Artist: C-Jay
Title: Chemical Illusion
Label: Climax Recordings
By: Colin C. | 15 February 2006
  • A: Eelke Kleijn Drum Edit
  • B: Mick Wilson 'Slam Beats' Mix

C-Jay "Chemical Illusion"

Out Now on Climax Recordings

Amongst the worlds dance stage it seems the Dutch have quite a grasp on unleashing some great producers including the likes of Harry Lemon (Lemon 8), and Stef Vrolijk. C-Jay is one of the latest to start to see some global recognition lately with his production work popping up on Cyber Records, as well as running his own label and club night "Sessions". C-Jay's latest production comes to us on James Wilson’s Climax records, a label that since its inception in 2002 has brought us some great releases and has become a secret weapon for many DJs.

On this release C-Jay's original gets reworked into two massive floor fillers from Eelke Kleijn and C-Jay’s occasional production partner Mick Wilson. Eelke’s drum edit kicks it off, with a filtered tribal prog loop building to the bass line, a mix that will feel right at home on the main floor. Lots of sparkling synth riffs fly around the arrangement as the track builds and builds to a creative breakdown where the track takes a dramatic turn to the deep and almost creepy for a few moments before each element is slowly brought back in. After that Eelke works the groove until the track finishes off in a wonderfully hypnotic fashion.

Mick's remix on the other hand goes straight for the jugular. In a similar progressive trance style, he presents a grandiose peak time track. A grungy riff takes hold immediately and the rest of the arrangement circulates around it. Mick builds some great, heavy synths to complement the bright melodies, however the rhythm of the track seems buried under a brick wall of different synth motifs and draws you away from the overall groove of the track.

A way more trance oriented release than what I expected from Climax, but coming from these producers it wasn't that big of a surprise. DJs who are familiar with the producers involved will definitely find themselves adding this to their collection and hammering it out on their dance floors.

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