Artist: C-Jay & Eelke Kleijn
Title: Hinterglem
Label: Plastik Park
By: Chloe Harris | 11 January 2007
  • A: Deep Mix
  • B: Brisker & Magitman Mix

C-Jay & Eelke Kleijn "Hinterglem"

Out Now on Plastik Park

Two outstanding musicans from the Netherlands heat up the studio to release a deep space disco-esque progressive tune, 'Hinterglem' on Plastik Park. Eelke Kleijn and C-Jay have created a buzz for themselves over the past year creating some fantastic music on labels such as Baroque, Spinflex, and The Sessions. 'Hinterglem' is exactly the sound of today with it's disco touches, ambient atmospheric synths and groovy bassline. Israeli duo Brisker & Magitman turn the flip into a healthy electro workout that stomps the floor.

Starting out with a good house beat, Hinterglem picks up the bass once the kick drops in. A good groove settles while a melodic hook layers on top with a warm atmospheric vibe. The chuggy backbone of the tune works perfectly with the ambient elements creating a soothing disco vibe with a fantastic arpeggio synth that layers in. The sounds move quickly and drop off into a break that builds up and up with intensity with a long ringing synth, while the arpeggio changes becoming more fierce before the kick thumps back in and the song grooves all the way till the end. The mood here is exceptional and I've seen this tune work many many times on the floor. It's truly a masterpeice.

Brisker & Magitman have had a great year as well, with releases on Babylon, Method and Sog. Their intense blend of wicked gnarly bass and mental synths are remnicent of Mashtronic's sound, but they have their own funky style of electro house. They completely change up Hinterglem taking the bits and adding a lot of grit and force into the sounds. Electro zaps and pops set up the backbone of the percussion while the arpeggio synth works in and builds until the kick falls into place. A gnarly buzzy bassline comes in pushing the sounds along, while the synths chime in the background. The main melodic hook has been captured by lots of filters and effects ride along a bustling beat shuffle, before stopping short for a break. The silence has been erased to allow for plucked acidy synth sounds to stomp in building back into the gnarly bassline once again.

Hinterglem is a brilliant peice of music by C-Jay and Eelke Kleijn. Their output thus far has been outstanding and this is again a reason to search out thier tunes and with Brisker & Magitman on the flip, you can be sure there's something here for you to work into your sets. This is an outstanding release and I highly recommend it for anyone.

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