Artist: Burufunk
Title: Outsider
Label: Navigation Records
By: Simon Jones | 17 April 2003
  • A: Original Breaks Mix
  • B: Grayarea 'Messing With Texas' Mix

Burufunk "Outsider"

Out Now on Navigation Records

Burufunk are the husband and wife duo of Curtis and Leaha Fallis who after a number of low key releases in the past few months are now making the transition to the major league. 'Outsider' is their latest solo outing, a track that has already found it's way onto Nick Warren's Global Underground Reykavik album, and looks set to put them firmly on the map. However, those in the know have already been supporting their material, as evidenced by Hybrid playing their bootleg breaks remix of Sasha's 'Wavy Gravy' and BT asking them to remix his new single 'Somnambulist'. As you can see, they are already turning heads.. and here's why..

Twisted percussive elements loop, starting to draw out the atmospherics within as the 'Original Mix' springs into life. Dropping into the main section of the track, the percussion is replaced with a deep sub bass style b-line which growls under techy beats and electro synths, soft melodies occasionally slipping through the gaps as the groove expands and deflates. Building towards the atmospheric break, some great use of cut up elements keep the energy pushing forward right through to the rocking outro. Ballsy nu skool-esque breaks from Burufunk, which should find their way into many dj boxes.

However, there's more as Chi-town's trio of 'Grayarea' are brought in to mess with wth the sounds from texas on the remix. Starting off with a big rolling loop that gradually splits into the percussion and bassline, this mix kicks in hard from the start, electro sounds thudding down against the groove as synths rise over the top and the melody enters. Keeping in line with the evolving beats, the melody changes key several times, stopping, starting and then going through a series of drops as the mix breaks free of it's restraints and drives forward with a devastatingly twisted array of beats and breaks assaulting the speakers.

Without a doubt Navigation's biggest release to date, with two powerful mixes ensuring that this 12" needs to find a place in your record box. I suggest you pick a copy up without haste.

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