Artist: Buds Not Bombs Feat Irina
Title: Deleido (Remixes)
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 July 2003
  • A: Infusion Vocal Exorcism
  • B: Coleman and Sen-sei Mix

Buds Not Bombs Feat Irina "Deleido (Remixes)"

Out Now on Baroque Records

West Coast DJ Michael Anthony and his partner in crime B. Smiley lead the Buds Not Bombs collective back for another disc of their latest track 'Deleido', athough this time the remixers are calle d in to do their business. Infusion return with the second half of their mixes, whilst David Coleman and Sen-sei bring up the rear. How do they sound? Read on..

Infusion take their 'Vocal Exorcism Mix' is a different direction to their dub interpretation, retaining the big bassline, but adding some intricate tribal percussion and a warbling sub bass effect which is dropped right into the heart of the mix, The vocal is cut up and filtered through each rhythm section of the track, driving towards the break, where everything fades out and the vocal takes over, only to be replaced by smooth electronic ambience to bring things to a close with gentle ease.

The final mix is more for the house heads, as 'David Coleman and Sen-Sei' deliver a dubby west coast house revision that fuses warm house grooves with shaking tribal rhythms which conceal the main vocal hook, unleashing it as each rhythm section ends until it slowly takes over. Not quite rocket science, but it does what it does in sublime fashion and will find itself a niche in many a set.

As an addition to the splendid original 12", this disc is a worthy addition, thanks largely to the fierce Infusion vocal remix, but either way, buy either one of the discs, or buy both, because you can guarantee that you will get much use out of them. A great release from Baroque.

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