Artist: Brisker & Magitman
Title: Feel Me (The Unreleased Mixes)
Label: Babylon Limited
By: Andy Dixon | 27 September 2006
  • A1: Original Vocal Mix
  • B1: Mashtronic Mix
  • B2: Cates & DPL Mix

Brisker & Magitman "Feel Me (The Unreleased Mixes)"

Out Now on Babylon Limited

Babylon Limited has come out swinging with releases from Andrew K, V-Sag, Chris Lake, and several others. A sub-label of the established Babylon Records, these limited releases are quickly cultivating talent with pure spirit and emotion.

'Feel Me', Babylon Limited's third release is from Isreali talent Brister and Magitman and is an exemplary homage to front room progressive trance. The original mix quickly explodes into a fist pumping main floor crowd pleaser. Arpeggiators are used on a single note with a constant pitch changing bass line and a pad ring tone is delicately fingered underneath the guest vocals of Elektra; whose lyrics are deeply poignant if you stop long enough to listen to them.

The Mashtronic remix is consistent with their current storm of remixes. Utilizing all available layers, they find a pulse to reinvent the original while keeping many of the same elements. Their mix is darker but introspective with a rejuvenated beat and the soleful lyrics which sometimes get lost under the powerful bassline. A unique noise with constantly sliding pitch adds to the song’s climax but it to is just a supporting player to the beat and bass.

The second remix by Cates & DPL constructs the well thought out breakbeat track from the energetic original. Its nuskool focus on heavy bass, eerie effects, and dark and filtered vocals are reminiscent of a Maurice and Noble mind bender. A joyride on a modulator wheel close out the last minute of this short four minute remix, justifying any liberties one wants with an effects board while burning through it in a breaks heavy set.

This is one of those releases that all three tracks are good and each one is unique, but none of them stand out as the premier version. Based on different sets though, one of the three mixes will be stand out as the best fit. As a whole, Babylon Limited has continued their run of the new high energy underground sound that is quickly emerging as the future of the genre, and this mix fits right in.

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