Artist: Brancaccio & Aisher
Title: Nighta Longa / Looks Like A Star
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 September 2003
  • A: Nighta Longa
  • B: Looks Like A Star

Brancaccio & Aisher "Nighta Longa / Looks Like A Star"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Brancaccio and Aisher's 'Everybody' was one of those tracks that you either loved or hated, and in many cases it was the latter. However, not ones to tuck their heads between their legs and disappear off in the sunset, they return with the intention of changing opinion with their latest work, and with the help of Bedrock they look set to do just that..

'Nighta Longa' is the most far out thing that Brancaccio and Aisher have put their hand to. In fact, it's not a record you would associate with the Bedrock imprint. Featuring huge filtered vocals provided by Luke Brancaccio himself, this is an 80's influenced house track with a difference. Big rolling beats, infectious electronic guitar riffs and that looped vocal that takes over during the break, leading up to powerful vocal led finale which will get both the crowd bouncing and no doubt singing along. A party track without the cheese.

'Looks Like A Star' continues the old school theme, with a big electronic synth arrangement providing the platform for another groovy house outing that refuses to be pigeonholed and manages to keep interest on the dancefloor. In a scene where progressive breaks and the return of old school trance melody seems to be all the rage, this is a refreshing change, with a more traditional house groove and the outstanding female vocal that flows up and down throught the track creating a forward thinking track that has already received much support.

Diversity is a word that seems to reflect Brancaccio and Aisher's production style, and whilst it may not always pay off, on this occasion they are right on the money, and these two innovative tracks should raise interest in the forthcoming artist album they are creating.

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