Artist: Brahma & Drew Nichols
Title: Submerged
Label: Babylon Records
By: Jason Calvert | 15 July 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Madoka Saturation Generation Mix

Brahma & Drew Nichols "Submerged"

Out Now on Babylon Records

Brahma is the guise under which Chris Conner & Michael Lanning produce music. For this track, they collaborate with upcoming star Drew Nichols, who first started turning heads last year with his haunting remix of Michael Lanning's "Bound For Ascension".

The Original Mix is fueled by its percussive bassline, which serves as a wave for which all the other elements ride on. The simplicity of the melody is both haunting and captivating at the same time, and is given just that slight edge by subtle key changes throughout. Some breezy effects give the track a feeling which is both light and graceful at the same time. This track would definately work for earlier on in a set while things are still warming up.

New York's Mark Venneri turns in his "Saturation Generation" interpretation of the track, giving the Original Mix a good wash down and bringing out the brightness. The percussion bounces rather than drives, and the effects layered over the top have a very light feel to them. The same melody from the Original Mix is there, but it has a much different feel when placed in Madoka's composition. He brings in his own melodies also, which add even more to the brightness. For those who prefer a lighter sound, this mix is definately for them.

Another quality release from Babylon, and if they keep this up, there is certainly the potential to get a very attractive back catalogue going. When three producers who are so solid on their own join forces, the outcome has to be excellence, and in this case it certainly is.

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