Artist: Bombdogs
Title: I Cant Explain
Label: Harlem Records
By: Simon Jones | 5 September 2004
  • A: Steve Lawler Summer Of Love Mix
  • B: Original Vocal Mix

Bombdogs "I Cant Explain"

Out Now on Harlem Records

Originally released on Legato Records back in April 2002, the Bombdogs track 'First Time' became a cult favourite of many DJs, with Steve Lawler in particular becoming very attached to the track. Since then it's been a staple of his sets and several months ago a new vocal version was debuted that many people have been hunting down ever since. Following a short run on white label, this reworked version - now entitled 'I Cant Explain' finds it's way onto Steve's own Harlem imprint, and with a steady stream of support from Sasha, John Digweed, Desyn Masiello and both 'Essential New Tune' and 'Tune Of The Month' accolades from Pete Tong, it's safe to say this track is set for anthemic status.

Lawler's own 'Summer Of Love Mix' is a tough dancefloor mix, heavy beats and a rippling electronic bassline laying down a solid disco-esque groove to get things moving. It has an addictive loop that you just cannot resist and when the subtle chords and effects ease in to introduce the vocal hook you are just waiting for it to happen, but Lawler throws in some laser delays and more beats that help to prolong the momentum of this mix, making it a very effective extended DJ tool. The vocal is brought in midway, lowering the tempo, before building to an almighty climax that is a real end of night moment, ending what is quite possibly Steve Lawler's finest moment as a producer to date.

The 'Original Vocal Mix' sits on the flip, the deep and hypnotic chords of 'First Time' and it's drifting groove kept intact, with the vocal worked into the mix carefully and with precision. The original in it's instrumental form was absolute class, and this vocal interpretation remains faithful to that but at the same time adding an element which works surprisingly well, making the track far more accessible in the process. If all bootlegs were this good, then producers would have their work cut out for them when writing new and original material.

I cant explain really just how good this track is, but if you ask anyone who's kept their finger on the pulse in the past few months, they would tell you just how much of an essential 12" for your record box it is, but you'll have to go to the store to ask them, because they are already there buying their own copy, so make sure you do too.

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