Artist: BlueRoomProject
Title: Pure
Label: Substrata Music
By: Chloe Harris | 8 November 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Beaumont & Nathanial Mix

BlueRoomProject "Pure"

Out Now on Substrata Music

Winds West Recordings sister label Substrata Music finally sets sail with thier first release by New York's Blue Room Project. Shane Elhers and Jeff Belfi create layered progressive music with slick dancefloor appeal. 'Pure' is another peak into thier creative side, with an outstanding rich deep progressive tune.

Newcomers Beaumont and Nathaniel, who also run both labels, remix Pure into a faster paced bass riding tune.

An ambient intro with delaying drops of sound builds slowly moving in and out of your speakers. Long dramatic pads sweep in and swirl with tons of effects into a slow creeping kick. The depth is vast with long slow sounds rushing over each other. The pads and drops flutter together riding the beats and decsending into a very mild deep progressive tune.

Beaumont & Nathaniel remix Pure into a crunchier, more analogy bass tune. The pace is picked up as the drums start in with a crunch while swirling drops swim in degraded effects. A massive zipping bassline drops in and pulls the song along, bouncing and riding along a perfect chord progression. The notes are drawn out, but very squishy filtering in and out. Spacey sounds crash in and pull the song into a few peaks and drops before riding out along a classical piano line. An old school vibe with a newer dirtier sound.

It's nice to see Blue Room Project continue on thier path of mellow trippy sounds and long sweeping pads. Beau and Nate pulled out the stops on this one. They should be proud of thier first release on Substrata, but also proud of the cool remix they made, and with Sasha having already played this some time ago at Fabric, it's sure to turn the heads of quite a few for that fact alone.

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