Artist: BlueRoomProject
Title: Pacific Flat
Label: CP Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 3 December 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Pole Folder & CP Rework

BlueRoomProject "Pacific Flat"

Out Now on CP Recordings

After their inaugural debut on Cass's Sabotage imprint with the moody ambience of 'Aperitif' kicking off the 'Eight' compilation in fine fashion, BlueRoomProject return with their first official single on new label CP Recordings. 'Pacific Flat' is another of Jeff Belfi and Shane Ehler's tracks that has been supported by DJs such as Jimmy Van M and Chris Fortier in recent months, and comes back with a heavyweight remix from Belgium's Bedrock signed artists Pole Folder & CP.

The 'Original Mix' blends deep beats with subtle percussion, building a slow and minimal groove that is very much a trademark of many of BlueRoomProject's tracks. Heavy bass and swirling sounds create a cavernous gap where the intricacies of this track unfold, with the groove developing into something more solid and foreboding as it rumbles along. This is where the track really develops, with some superb melodies simmering away behind the industrial style bass, slowly trickling out, with a haunting melody bringing a touch of eeriness to this warm and techy track.

'Pole Folder & CP' however, cook up something rather different, introducing some strings early on as they rise over the developing progressive 4/4 groove that leads us into the main section of the track. Electronic stabs and sweeping synths wash over the melody, subtly evolving as we fade into the first break. A soft vocal accompanies the big melodic hook, adding to the intensity and energy of the mix as it moves higher, a subtle drop ensuring this mix does the business on a dark dancefloor at 3am in the morning. Just imagine a intimate dancefloor with an extended John Digweed set, and you'll get the idea of what this beauty is all about.

BlueRoomProject continue to develop their sound, seemingly bridging the gap between progressive and tech house with their minimal and groove led melodic offerings, but the real gem here is the remix, which is one of Pole Folder & CP's finest to date. A great single from CP Recordings, and one they should use as a measure for forthcoming material.

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