Artist: BlueRoomProject
Title: Out Of Area
Label: Blueprint Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 14 September 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Habersham & Numinous Mix

BlueRoomProject "Out Of Area"

Out Now on Blueprint Recordings

New York City's BlueRoomProject take center stage with their new release 'Out Of Area' on Blueprint Recordings. Star players like Sasha, Jimmy Van M and Hernan Cattaneo are all fans of their sound, and for their 3rd release they lay down a sweet dose of spacey beats and trippy melodies, engrossed in a thick melancholy atmposphere. Atlanta boys 'Habersham & Numinous' have reworked the flip into a huge bubbling anthem set to raise the bar on what people think progressive house is.

A mild clicker, spacey lush synths and deep bass are what moves the 'Original Mix' at the start. Building up into toms, the synths sweep along the beats as they travel through short stops and starts and finally calm down to introduce a metallic string. Sweepy sounds loom together and a piano drops in lightly tiptoeing along into a cute but sad tone. The melody sticks in your head and you fall deep into the sounds and into the melancholy vibe of 'Out Of Area'.

'Habersham & Numinous' change the tune from a deep spacey gem to a full on rocking club tune with lots of bounce and a great bassline. Punchy beats start the way with claps and snappy hits and then it all falls victim to an ass shaking bassline. A throaty thick tone punches in following the beats, adding another element to the percussive sounds. The sweeping synths swirl above and then slowly fade off along with the beats to drop into a deep ambient middle. Lush melody rushes in and a tripped out vocal sample turns the song in a new direction. Softer beats lightly bounce in and the piano melody is introduced. The drums build back into the funky bassline and we follow the bounce, the lush tones and the piano to the end.

This is an amazing record all around. BlueRoomProject's music encompasses moods and feelings with their lush sounds and understanding of depth and dreams, and with a fantastic remix by Habersham and Numinous you cannot go wrong with 'Out Of Area'.

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