Artist: BlueRoomProject
Title: Liquid Motion
Label: Screen Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 26 August 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Damien Heck 'New World' Breaks Mix

BlueRoomProject "Liquid Motion"

Out Now on Screen Recordings

Jeff Belfi and Shane Ehlers make up the Blue Room Project outfit. Having released some very impressive singles in the past, Liquid Motion definitely showcases the talent we have come to expect from these producers. Smooth, melodic, and classy on the original mix, and on the flipside Damien Heck throws down a throbbing, peak time breakbeat interpretation.

The Original Mix sets up a laid back groove which drives forward with a smooth bassline. The melodies are lush and help build up a very warm atmosphere. The overall composition is a simple one, but very effective in the mood it generates, and the melody lines are actually quite powerful. Sometimes complex compositions can lose themselves, but this track keeps away from that path and the end product is very refined.

If you're after a killer breakbeat to throw down at the height of your set, this track is a strong contender. The bassline is revamped and brought forward, and a tight sub melody rips through the mid ranges to cause some havoc. The lush melodies of the original can still be seen here in all their glory, but with a much more peak time feel. For those who like their breaks to be heavy with some strong direction, this is a must hear.

A strong release to add to the impressive discography Screen Recordings is beginning to build up. And with more to come still this year from the Blue Room Project boys, we certainly have more to look forward to. With strong productions qualities and a consistency which is often hard to find, these guys a certainly ones to watch out for in the future.

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