Artist: BlueRoomProject
Title: 5B
Label: Hunya Munya Records
By: Chloe Harris | 6 November 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Madoka 'Metasound' Mix

BlueRoomProject "5B"

Out Now on Hunya Munya Records

Blue Room Project finally get to release their very special single '5B'. A track from way back that hid in some djs record boxes for years, gets a lush break beat treatment by none other than the brilliant Madoka. Vancouver BC's Hunya Munya Records caught a classic tune here for you to finally get your hands on, and is one of several BlueRoomProject secret weapons the lucky few have to wow the crowds with.

Crystalized off key synths loom in and out building along a high hat rolling and crossing each other making a sad meloncholy sound that pops into a mellow kick drum. The sounds keep winding together and halt just for a moment in silence to grow into a beautiful slice of music. Low tones touch higher tones, while the atmosphere is vast and deep. Riding along a sweeping bassline tiny beeps catch a melody and bounce along the somber sounds. A gorgeous peice of music once again.

Madoka continues to experiment with breakbeat sounds on the remix. Heady break beats set the stage for lush tones and a airy vocal snip, as twinkly chords stab down moving sporatically with the beats. The beeps are gated and move through the tune introducing the gliding synths. The beeps stop up so the synths can take front stage while moving into the crystalized off kilter synth tones. Everything builds together before falling off into a mellow tense break which delays and falls off slowly. The breaks pop back in after a short pause splatter with vocal hits and deep tones. The sounds all come to a peak once again and fade away effortlessly into a single break beat.

Hunya Munya Records takes a leap with a tune needing a home and added a fantastic remixer to the show. Blue Room Project and Madoka are great in thier own rights, but when it comes to pairing them up, remixing each other's tunes, thats when the real magic happens. '5B' holds a special place in my heart, the depth, keys and sounds aren't something you come by in music that often anymore. This is a sure reason to seek out this will-be-classic progressive tune.

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