Artist: Blue Haze
Title: Into Nothing
Label: SAW Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 22 November 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Hamel's Last Time In 9 Vocal Mix

Blue Haze "Into Nothing"

Out Now on SAW Recordings

Due to an ongoing ear problem, we don't tend to hear much from young producer Michael Burns after a flying start to his career back in early 2003, but thankfully he's still managing to produce some music for us to enjoy. Having appeared on a whole multitude of labels over the last few months, he reappears after a little while out of the spotlight with his debut release as Blue Haze on Saw Recordings, a track called 'Into Nothing'

As one might expect, the 'Original Mix' contains all the strong trademark melodies and emotive sounds that have earned his work such recognition for it's fresh and dynamic appeal. The percussion and beats take a back seat, as a wistful vocal by Mick himself follows the bassline that leads, all topped off by some cool synth arrangements that move in and out of the track.

It's the remix by 'Bill Hamel' that is the star of the package though. Having spent the last few months working with the likes of BT and sending artists like Esthero, Seal, and Justin Timberlake to the higher reaches of the Billboard chart, he now returns to his underground roots with the devastating 'Last Time For 9 Mix'. Far darker and tougher than the original, Hamel has created an epic monster of mix that builds and builds, the bassline twisting and contorting as synths are injected into the mix, changing the mood and tempo as it climbs and climbs. The spine tingling climax where the bass drop to let the vocal rise and then slides back in underneath you quite simply have to hear for yourself to believe!

It's good to see Mick Burns back in the habit, and whilst on this occasion it's Hamel who takes the spotlight with a remix that is without a doubt his best since Mara's 'One' many moons ago, lets hope we see more from young Mr Burns sooner rather than later.

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