Artist: Blue Haze
Title: Greedy Planet
Label: Confi-Dance Records
By: Chloe Harris | 3 April 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mood Society Remix

Blue Haze "Greedy Planet"

Out Now on Confi-Dance Records

Blue Haze is someone I think you'll be hearing a lot about very soon. Mick Burns is incredibly talented, and starts things off right with his first 12" on Confi-Dance. He's won mentions from Computer Music and won accolades from various high profile djs such as Sander Kleinenberg and Mo Shic. Let's get into his lush debut.

The 'Original Mix' of 'Greedy Planet' starts off with nice techy drums. Krispy sounds and a shaker make their way in, as a light clap comes over sparingly. There are swirling sounds moving in the background. A really smooth bassline rolls underneath as we stop up just for a second and fall straight into a dirty bassline. A twinkle starts in and it starts shaping into the melody of the song. It's very pretty, and slightly sad. Light stabs come up from underneath slowly making themselves more apparent. The whole song sounds like it's swaying back and forth. At the break we float into the twinkly sounds, and some very atmospheric sounds. The bassline starts to pulse, as the drums fall away. We swirl up and down, and the mood is just long enough to hold you in suspense, but it's so calming, you want to keep hearing it. Sounds cascade and dribble down. It's very magical and very smooth. The bassline comes in a bit more now then before and keeps your attention, and it's groove till the bittersweet end. This song is beautiful.

'Mood Society' is label head of Confi-Dance, Phil Davy along with Mick. They start things off a bit more electronic. A thick kick, moves us into some spooky background sounds. Soon high hats come in. They sound like a quick breath of air. The hook from the original is gated, and a bit techier. The bassline is thick and heavy. Small little sounds make their way in and float around on top. A squishy sound comes in and the song changes. It starts driving and pulsing along with a lot of mechanical type sounds. Claps come in, and a light similar tone is there. It's light and pretty. Very electro sounding squishies fall all over. It's deep. And smooth. This version is a bit darker and a bit more main floor. A metallic sound comes in over the top. It's percussive and very punchy. There's delayed effects and a smooth break that never really breaks all the way. Back into the beats, and the outro breaks all the down into a spooky ending.

This is an outstanding first release for young Mick. At the tender age of 20, we should expect loads of good things coming from him. He has defined his own sound, and has plenty more lovely songs to share. A great first release for Mick and for Confi-Dance.

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