Artist: Blue Haze
Title: A Time To Reflect
Label: Institution Breaks
By: Chloe Harris | 19 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dirtydoodoofunk Straight Outta Strongbadia Mix

Blue Haze "A Time To Reflect"

Out Now on Institution Breaks

Blue Haze embarks on a trip into the world of breakbeat with this beautiful laid back summery track called 'A Time To Reflect' for Institution Breaks. As always his big orchestral arrangements and sounds make this a big cinematic epic. On the flip we get a remix from the duo of Dave Preston and Habersham, otherwise known as Dirtydoodoofunk. Their remix adds a cool wiggly bassline that works perfectly over some of the original arrangements.

Shakers and light bumps roll into breaks, opening up the 'Original Mix' of 'A Time To Reflect'. A gorgeous rush of orchestral pads warm the track up while backing sounds frolic and play off each other. A plucked guitar comes in at the break moving with the warm pads and building back into the drums. A gorgeous summery tune that words can't even begin to describe.

Dave Preston and Habersham rework the tune into a wiggly bass friendly dancefloor monster with their 'Dirtydoodoofunk Straight Outta Strongbadia Mix'. The drum arrangement has changed up a bit with some nice toms and clever sounds. The synths are backward and creep in only for a few moments while random sounds play and move with the drums. This is a nice building mix that can be worked anywhere.

Institution Breaks is headed for brilliant things. There’s an upcoming track by Pat Foosheen with a Habersham mix that is years ahead of its time, and some other great sounds that will delight. Blue Haze is still going strong after just over a year in the business now, and we can only expect more beautiful records from this brilliant musician.

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